In Ascendance (Full Length Tragicomedy)

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The production is an original tragicomedy with no distinct time period or setting, and it follows the conquest of Jack Swan, a broken father who is attempting to overcome the addiction that has taken everything from him. With the help of a therapist and the support of the daughter he loves, Jack fights to cleanse himself of the common illness that is alcoholism, remaining determined that it will no longer control his life. However, his efforts are strained and combatted by his addiction, the nameless demon, who tries to manipulate Jack into submitting to his urges. The demon, the physical manifestation of his alcoholism, reflects the entire nature of his addiction, as the demon switches from a playful and banterous ally to a terrifying monster who threatens to destroy Jack. The production features singing, dancing, live basketball and audience interaction, and aims to challenge the audience’s perceptions of society’s attitude towards alcoholism, the importance of love and the true struggle of a battle that impacts millions around the world.

In Ascendance Script Extracts

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