The Truth After Dark (Short Form Sensationalist Media Drama)

If you are interested in this short form piece, please contact me at, or enjoy the extract as attached below.

Daisy is an average 8-year-old schoolgirl whose wild imagination comes to life when she’s happily tucked in at night. Once she’s fast asleep, 3 scientists are on duty to work the night shift and discover the endless universe that is the realm of dreaming. Most evenings, beautiful stories and wonderful landscapes keep the scientists entertained, but tonight is different. The world is full of fear, choked in media born hysteria, and the madness that is modern sensationalism can sometimes get inside the purest of minds. What was once a place for innocent, childish tales quickly becomes a terror of the world as no child should have known it. The scientists do their best to make it better. But no one can prevent reality. And when the real world gets inside, all hell will break loose.

The Truth After Dark Extracts 

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