I Am Unfiltered

I am unfiltered. 

I am, open. Exposed, my sails desperate to catch 
every last breath of life’s wind, accelerating me into the unknown. 
The fog of uncertainty. And I love conquering it. Head up, eyes closed, 
I’m always waiting for the storm. They say it is coming, 
that my honesty will strip me to the bone, 
a skeleton waiting to collect dust. 
It’s a real shame I’ve done that job for them. 

After all, I give them me. No scavenging the bible of social expectation. 
No bulldozing the truth, just to glimpse 
the shallow puddle everybody’s trampled in. 
Why do that, when there’s happiness just next door? 

I have decided, when I parade the human I am proud to be, 
to not cover the flaws. They are our greatest treasure. 
All eyes are drawn in vacant disgust, but deep down, I know. 
The hum of the possibility erodes their interior. 

I have chosen this path, this conquest of earth and ocean, as a testament. 
Humans cower. They shudder in fear at the maybe. The maybe rules them, 
it bears it’s sharp teeth that don’t exist, it lets rip it’s bellowing howl 
that echoes in only the mind. It’s towering presence, 
that takes no space, dictates their voyage. But I will remain no prisoner. 

The greatest gift is resting in front of you. All you need to do is take it. 

And when you take it, 
accept the embarrassment of who you are at your most naked. 
Accept the poison in the air that others exhale, 
accept human judgement. 
It is plentiful. 
It will take all your strength to step off the path. Truly, it will. 
The maybe claims it is a gamble you can’t afford, 
that you must learn to degrade in it’s cage. 
So many follow the herd and conform. 

They bend to the universal mold. 
They stretch a forced smile to the tune of everyone else’s mistake. 
Is that what you were born to fall for? 
Life’s golden membership requires something simple. 
You. So don’t settle for sterile. 
Be free. 

Now, you’re not sure. 
You turn around. Eyes open. Breathe clenched. 
Could it be? If you let go? 


Still unsure? The door will always be yours to open. 
It will remain. But don’t wait forever. 
Believe me, never will you 
taste anything sweeter 
than freedom. 
After all, it’s the toxicity of being truly happy.

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