This Way to Mount Recollection

Welcome, welcome all! Look at you 
visitor, battered with travel and ruined 
with hope. All so out of the place 
to pay homage to the greatness leaving you 
white-faced. Caught in your footrace, 
your head seems as looped as 
your well worn shoelace. 

Yes, you have arrived at mount recollection. 

Go on, begin the escalation. Ponder not the 
endless defamation of your past love written 
upon the rocks you slip on, 
or the evergreens holding against the winds yawn. 
Oh, look at that horizon. 
It’s beautiful, I promise. 
Even if it’s melting under the heat of your love fueled furnace. 

Now now, there is no rest for the wicked, and 
certainly no work for the baited. You came to attempt 
some silly resurrection, you best not 
wonder now. You decided this climb was 
well inside your intention, and only a soft 
kiss from the pale reflection of your pursuit. 
Is she further up the passage? 
Waiting, eyes wide? 

No, moron. Get it together. 
Try not be so lost you star-crossed pointlessness. 
Just go on, step by step, and don’t be conquered 
by the odd foothole that’s a doorstep into continuum. 
Yes, I know it stole the ground you walk on, and 
in better fools, the route their souls would escape by. 
Honestly, it’s only half a lie, this sentimental dye 
cast deep into the wounds of your destruction. 

Oh, look! Up ahead in the distance! 
It’s… it’s… 
Nothing. Absolutely nothing. 
I’m almost hoping you’ll fall. 
There be not a call for you, unless 
your referencing the maddening 
squall of your predicament. 
God, can I taste your phantom withdrawal. 

Well, goodbye all, and really, thank you. 
To be a witness to the babble of fever dreams, 
a gift that won’t subside in end day regimes. 
It’s a pleasure far more rupturing then the nuture of our screams. 
Oh, and little mountain goat, try to not hurt yourself. 
And realise, crippled elf, you’ll find your way down this 
mountain and off the worn lovers shelf. 
It might be the circus tumble of ample trouble. 
Or, you’ll come to your senses, accept the 
peak is ever so far and just too high. 
Endlessly dangerous and mortally whereby. 
Whereby a love takes a most glorious dive.

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