From the recording Love's Truth Behind

Nicolas Vandenborre - Songwriting, Lyrics, Bass, Piano and Production
Lilo's Wall (Christie Gardner & Helen Dixon) - Vocals
Harvey Gibbons - Cello
Dario Merlino - Mixing and Mastering
Helena Traill - Artwork


Verse 1 -
it was a playful deceit, 
in the warmth of the nest
an oblivious rest
these roots are so deep set 
with the coming of age 
comes a true test

Bridge 1 -
caught in the crossfire of the wind and the sky
turn around, and see that nothing’s alright
the fallen so falling, treacherously calling
at the sum of life, at the death of what’s right  

Post Bridge 1 -
to venture into the blind
leave all of love's truth behind
plunged, for so long we know
head under, to always be so

Verse 2 -
so slowly hollowed out 
the calm creeping fear 
venturing out
so fearlessly in terror
with no rescue in sight
so soft a chaos, to hardly realise

Bridge 2 -
the wounds for willing this villainy 
all to tear out the roots of what is now earthly 
in hindsight, the sacrifice of a paradise 
in remembrance of what cost, at what price 

Post Bridge 2 -
in all, we take a moment
and accept the fall of a giant
so always believe in hope
so we all can begin to cope