Vandenborre Press

Vandenborre has been featured on radio stations across the globe in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, and Singapore. Stations include The Appetiser Radio Show, RTM La Radio, Source FM and Indie Folk Radio. Furthermore, singles have been featured on blogs and podcasts such as Women of Substance, IX Daily, Indiemono, Infectious Magazine, A&R Factory, SOM Magazine and more. For further biographical details, please take a look at our band's Sonicbids press kit.

Wow what an opening, was not expecting that voice at all. The music sounded like it was setting itself up for a funkathon but then this Bjork like elfin voice emerged from the speakers. From then forward I was entranced at the gorgeous simplicity of it all. There's such a slight backdrop but even at that there is so much to admire, that bass bumble just tiptoeing around the star of the show to create a soundtrack that could even the insects beneath our feet in a state of bug-eyed fascination. This was really a surprise, a gentle and supremely enjoyable treat.”

— Kevin Hugger (Indiecater, MP3 Hugger) discussing Prints (On My Pillow)

Vandenborre's "Red Giants" is quite the bizarre awesomeness. The lonesome, somehow mysterious track is the perfect soundtrack to a long, philosophical discussion with yourself about life and... bunch of other important stuff. An absolute beauty!”

Ivo - Stereofox Founder

The Unstoppable View is a masterfully produced track that has some fascinating atmospheres and hypnotic sonic fabrics. It's a song that feels dreamy and ethereal, with cascading melodies and stunning vocal harmonies that add depth and presence to the whole arrangement. Vandenborre managed in the hard task of combining different musical influences into a formula that can unquestionably be identified as their own.”

A&R Factory discussing The Unstoppable View

Not a sole favor of the heart, rather than a gathering of two titans, the shredding of flowers illuminating a secret pathway through mist or a romantic cry of invisible nature in its dynamic range. Love's Truth Behind is an ecstatic build up in a land of everywhere to go.”

Niki Sorogas (Founder/Editor-in-Chief at GiveitaspinGR) discussing Love's Truth Behind

Every so often, a project pops up out of nowhere and it's rarely enjoyed in large masses, but it certainly deserves a much higher billing. An album full of addictively entrancing tracks, this is the type of record to toss on while doing anything from reading to driving, cleaning to clubbing.”

Brian Rutherford (Music Emissions Lead Reviewer) discussing The Feast of Worms Album

The record takes a beautiful turn with Future Deadly Inhales. The meandering melody reaches deep into the soul. The voice of Jennifer Gullery melts away any remaining barriers with its sultry emotion setting the mind into a state of total relaxation. The complete journey (through the album) is a wild one that'll take you everywhere you ever wanted to be.”

Keith Profeta (Indie Band Guru) discussing Future Deadly Inhales